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Who is Covered in Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Do you know who is covered in your auto insurance policy? There are others covered as well apart from you. Keep reading to know more.

Car owners would agree that buying and keeping a vehicle is a substantial investment. Auto car insurance protects this investment; you pay a premium (usually annual or semi-annual), and your insurance company covers accidental damage or theft concerning your car.

Here’s a rundown of all the people who are included in your auto insurance policy.

Insured Individual

This is the individual (or individuals) named in the arrangement. Responsibility arrangements cover them regardless of the vehicle they are driving. So, for example, if you were to get into a car accident driving your friend’s car (with consent, i.e.), your auto car insurance will cover the damage repair costs of your friend’s car.

Life Partner

Regardless of whether a life partner of the insurer isn't named on an arrangement, auto car insurance covers the companion while driving any vehicle. The car being driven must have been on the road with the knowledge and consent of the car owner.

Other Family Member

Any authorized driver living in the family with the named protected who identifies with the insured by blood, adoption, or marriage - ordinarily including a lawful ward or fostered youngster - is typically covered, regardless of what vehicle the person in question is driving.

Anybody Driving the Protected Vehicle.

Any person who is utilizing, with authorization, a vehicle named explicitly in the arrangement is covered. Thus, someone who steals the car isn't covered because they are not utilizing it with consent. The permission question additionally comes up if, for example, a young person lets another youngster drive a vehicle without the parent proprietor's permission.


Disputes about risk inclusion do manifest after some auto crashes. The majority of these debates rotate around whether the driver or vehicle in the mishap squeezes into any particular classifications that might be incorporated or avoided from a responsibility strategy. It is always best to study your auto car insurance policy thoroughly or take professional help to understand it.


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