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Top Insurance Claims That Make Rounds During Summer Season

Common Summer Claims

The summer season is all about fun and adventures. The warm weather invites everyone to enjoy the beautiful sun and sandy beaches, picnics with loved ones, pool time, and much more.

With people indulged in various activities, there's more likely a chance of unintended consequences. Fret not; with some right measures and insurance coverage, you can minimize the risk easily. Here are the top insurance claims that make rounds during the summer season.

Road Accidents

Unfortunately, along with all the fun, the summer season is a menace for an increased number of road accidents. calls the summer months of June, July, and August the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer due to the high number of road fatalities compared to lowered figures in other seasons.

BBQ Grill Fires

Cooking out with friends is all fun and games. However, BBQ grill fires are catastrophic if not practiced with caution. To ensure that you proceed with safety, have the cookout under an open sky, far from property and flammables.

Drowning Mishaps

There is no denying that people are naturally attracted to water bodies with soaring temperatures. However, it directly correlates with people drowning or getting into a drowning mishap before being saved by a lifeguard.

Burglaries and Break-ins

During summer people are not home as often and tend to go on holidays and vacations. This creates an increased chance of unoccupied homes becoming a likely target for burglaries and break-ins. Hence, it is better to notify your neighbors before traveling and be sure to always keep a security alarm on.

Bottom Line

While accidents and mishaps are unpredictable, insurance policy and insurance claims cover you, your loved ones, and possessions against them. Reliable Insurance offers tailor-made packages for such misfortunes and helps in minimizing the damage these risks have.


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